Waaneiza Worldwide Trading Company Ltd.


Waaneiza Worldwide Trading Company Ltd.

Myanmar is known for a few things. One of them is the vastness of its natural resources, from teak to jade, rubies to natural gas. Mandalay Shweyi Company wants to add another product to the long list of products that Myanmar boasts – honey. Mandalay Shweyi Co. aims to become a world-class producer and exporter of what Executive Chairman U Zin Aung calls, “The finest product nature offers.”

Mandalay Shweyi Company, which falls under the mother company Waaneiza Worldwide Corporate Companies, was first founded in 1992 when a group of college friends (all engineers) who had come together under U Zin Aung in 1989 decided to try their hand at the Food & Beverage Industry. The four friends started with whiskey and after perfecting their GoldRed Pure Rum they branched off into various ventures.1res

In 2003 they began buckwheat production and remain to be the sole producer of buckwheat in Myanmar today. In 2007 Mandalay Shweyi Co., Ltd expanded their role in the honey industry by beginning exports to Japan. Following this the company began exporting to Japan and recently to California. One of the greatest benefits that their partners abroad see in Mandaly Shweyi was explained by Chairman U Zin Aung: “We have both the distribution network and the production network very well established.” He went on to explain that this is what is important when looking for a partner in Myanmar it’s important to find someone who knows the ins and outs of the region.

When it comes to the aspects that Mandalay Shweyi Co. looks for the Board of Directors explained to US-Television that Myanmar is behind in technology and that one of the most important aspects of US FDI is that it can bring that technology with it. “The honey network,” they continued, “can be greatly improved  by a boost in technology as can the entire agricultural sector of Myanmar.” Mandalay Shweyi Co. stands apart from the competition as they have their systems in place and have room to grow very quickly if a partner can bring the right capital, technology and markets.

2resThe story of Mandalay Shweyi Company is one of friendship, dedication and of Myanmar as a whole. Four close friends came together as entrepreneurs in an effort to lift up not only each other, but their nation as well. They see the next step for them as acquiring more and more partners abroad, specifically in the United States. In the words of U Zin Aung, if you need proof of Myanmar quality, “Come and taste for yourself.”

Apart from this, the partners at Mandalay Shweyi Company believe in passing on their hard-won knowledge. They offer training seminars on conducting business locally and internationally, as well as guidelines on how to acquire the necessary certifications within the Food & Beverage Industry.

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