U Min Sein Law Business – A Local Partner, An International Connection

U Min Sein Law Business – A Local Partner, An International Connection

 As Myanmar continues to open its doors to the world the interest in doing business within its borders is growing at a rapidly increasing rate. However, while the country adjusts to international standards it is vital that companies seeking to do business within Myanmar connect with a local expert to navigate through the legal framework and government regulations. U Min Sein Law Business boasts something that few others in Myanmar’s legal industry can – close to a half century of experience in Myanmar law as well as connecting aspiring investors to dependable local partners.

U Min Seinres
U Min Sein

 U Min Sein, R.A., C.P.A., R.L., is the namesake of the firm. He began practicing law in 1972 amid turbulent times for the nation. His firm has seen the country change over and over again and when asked about the most recent of those changes, he had this to say. “The struggles that the country faces now are mostly growing pains, an old framework adjusting to a new future. But, even with these growing pains, opportunities abound in Yangon and Myanmar as a whole for the global community.”

 U Min Sein Law Business, officially incorporated in 1997, practices a broad range of law but lists the following as their specialties – Civil Law, Business and Corporate Law, Trade, Commercial Law, Penal Code, Trademark & Intellectual Property, Media & Internet Law as well as Personal Law. When US-Television sat down with U Min Sein, he pointed out that if there is a field in which he isn’t the foremost expert he knows exactly where to direct his clients (a unique facet of his practice).

 Apart from legal counsel, U Min Sein is also a registered C.P.A. which differentiates him from other local attorneys. His ability to work both in law as well as accounting allow him and his firm to get things done quickly and effectively. Now, apart from his time working as an attorney and as an accountant, U Min Sein has spent 20 years as a Commercial Law Lecture with the Auditor General Office for Government Dept. Affairs. U Min Sein went on to say that, “It is crucial for those with the experience in Myanmar to pass on their hard-won knowledge to members of the community.”

 While Myanmar grows it is increasingly necessary for companies to operate at the fast pace of international standards without sacrificing reliability and quality. Through working with embassies across the globe as well as key players in the government U Min Sein Law Business has been equipped with the know-how to operate at those international levels for almost two decades.

 As Myanmar continues to open its doors it needs foreign partners to fully realize its potential. Furthermore, as U Min Sein pointed out to US-Television, “Those partners in turn, need a local contact to guide them through the ‘growing pains’ of this blossoming nation.” With unparalleled experience, extensive regional connections, U Min Sein Law Business is the first step for companies beginning their journey in Myanmar.

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