Twiga Chemical Industries


Right Partner for Investors in Agriculture

Twiga Chemical Industries, a flagship enterprise of the dynamic AJ Group, was launched in 1966 and now operates in nine African countries. Twiga focuses on supplying and distributing agro-chemicals as well as providing related services.

Owned by Alnoor H. Jamal since 1993, Twiga Chemical Industries has carved out a niche across Africa thanks to its professionalism and high international standards. All Twiga companies were certified ISO 9001:2008 in 2009. Twiga Uganda’s mission is to manufacture, distribute and sell high-quality agricultural products to end-users, particularly smallholders. The company has a very dedicated team of professionals who are focused on providing the best possible services to their customers.

Twiga’s Ugandan operations are headed by Surinder Kalsi, Director. He says, “Uganda can easily become the breadbasket of Africa. We believe that the transfer of good agronomic practices is the key for sustainable growth in Uganda’s farming sector and we are currently working with investors from all over the globe. We welcome the chance to work with more like-minded investors who share our dream of making Uganda a hub of agricultural activities.”

To enhance the profitability of Uganda’s agricultural sector, Twiga partners with a variety of stakeholders, including the government, non-government organizations, farmers’ associations and individual farmers. Mr. Kalsi points out that Uganda’s agriculture sector has tremendous untapped potential. For example, only 40% of the country’s arable land is being cultivated.

Helping farmers boost yields

Uganda is blessed with fertile soils and sufficient rainfall, which makes three harvests per year possible, but more investment is needed for the country to realize its full agricultural potential. Mr. Kalsi says, “The biggest challenge in Uganda is that there are no good irrigation systems. Farmers are dependent on what the land will provide and what the weather might bring. Over the past two years, however, investors have been targeting the agriculture sector and local farmers are seeing the benefits of using quality agricultural inputs. We advocate the use of products based on soil-test recommendations and the specific requirements of target crops.”

To help local farmers understand new agricultural methods, Twiga organizes workshops and demonstrations of sustainable technologies all over Uganda. Mr. Kalsi says, “We want to provide systematic demonstrations which are crop- and region-specific throughout the country. We hope to set up 400 of these demonstrations by the end of next year.” Twiga has bought a milk plant in Uganda and hopes to open more plants through subsidiary units as Uganda’s milk production increases. Twiga anticipates more growth in its other divisions, which include industrial, public-health and veterinary products. Such activities offer vast scope for investors.

US investors should target Ugandan agriculture, Mr. Kalsi believes. He says, “The quality and availability of agricultural products being harvested here are amazing. Crops that are profitable and can fetch higher prices in global markets, such as avocado oil, can be easily grown in Uganda with premium quality standards.” He adds, “Returns on investments in Uganda are among the highest in the world, especially in the agriculture sector. Twiga Chemicals looks forward to working with investors who are ready to help Ugandan farmers exploit this potential. This would be a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the value chain.”

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