Tropical Bank

Local Bank Adding Value to Ugandan Economy

logoIn December 2013, Tropical Bank celebrated 40 years of serving Ugandans and the Ugandan economy.  The innovative bank has provided support for a wide range of companies across several sectors such as agriculture, trade, construction, oil, energy, SMEs and more. We have financed many of the country’s most prominent enterprises, including Kakira Sugar Ltd. which has been growing along with the bank since its inception.

Commenting on the bank’s success story, Acting Managing Director Idris E. M. Elahlafi points out, “Tropical Bank values customer loyalty and prides in offering  efficient and personalized customer service- ‘Simple and Professional’. We cherish the long-standing relationships with our clients, many of which have steadily grown alongside the bank over the years.”

Leading Bank Ready to Partner with US Investors

Among the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives is our support of the SOS Village Uganda Children’s Home, The bank also wants to play a key role in helping Uganda attract the FDI it needs to reach its development goals. Idris Elahlafi says, “We would like to see more US investment in Uganda’s growing economy, including our oil, mining, tourism, agriculture and financial services sectors. Uganda is a high-potential market with many opportunities, and Tropical Bank has positioned itself as the ideal local banking partner for international investors.”

The bank continues to set ambitious new goals for itself. It is planning to launch an Islamic banking division, introduce innovative, market driven products for MEs and corporate customers and will further expand its branch network in Uganda and in Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.

To potential US investors in Uganda, Idris Elahlafi concludes, “Where are the Americans? They should be here already! American investors should come to Uganda soon before they miss out on all this country’s potential.” Tropical Bank is ready to provide foreign investors with the banking support they need to get their projects off the ground.

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