TOSL Engineering

Engineering Services Leader Meets International Standards

logo (2)TOSL Engineering has rapidly expanded to become one of Trinidad and Tobago’s preferred suppliers of process and mechanical engineering services whilst commercially supporting the larger oil and gas industry participants in the petrochemical, utilities, steel, aluminum, cement and manufacturing sectors relative to products and state of the art technology. Standing at a workforce count of 300 and constantly growing, Mr. Shazan Ali states, “ Whereas the numbers are important to ensure we are sustainably driving our operational line, we don’t focus primarily on the economic value of the projects we take but rather the holistic experience with which we can provide the end user. Success lies in the mind of the consumer’s impression rather than the balance sheet of the firm.”

Known for their unblemished record as it relates to international standards on quality assurance and control, safety and environmental protection, TOSL has also positioned itself as a true one-stop shop for a portfolio of global brands and, as such, they are leveraging this competitive advantage to extend their market reach to international waters. Mr. Ali emphasizes that in order to diversify from predominantly the exploration and production markets, service companies must now engage their regional industrial participants to promote awareness on the articulate degree of talent which exists in Trinidad & Tobago and the expansive level of capacity available for strategic, tactical and operational integration into both on and offshore asset integrity management services.

Going Global

Knowing fully well we need to adapt to survive via organic expansion, Mr. Ali welcomes international partnership programs especially for our graduate recruits. He says, “What TOSL can bring to the table is passion, expertise, excellence and dependability, however, without a value chain approach to the development of our workforce, no other factor would be as significant to our credible market position.”

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