The Rose Garden in Yangon


The Rose Garden in Yangon

When looking for accommodations in Yangon there are both a multitude of options and at the same time, not very many options at all. For those looking for two or three star lodging, local hotels can be found all over the city. However, when it comes to five-star accommodations there are only a handful of hotels that can claim such a title. Furthermore, all of these five-star hotels fall under the international brands except for one – The Rose Garden Yangon.

Rose Garden Hotel Exterior1res

The Rose Garden’s owner, Mary Fong, is a native of Myanmar. Together with her group of childhood friends and business partners she advanced the idea of a project in Myanmar because they had a vision of creating a luxury experience that wasn’t just another five-star archetype, but a vibrant representation of her native country. When US-Television sat down with Ms. Fong she explained that, “A guest coming to Myanmar should be able to taste our foods, be immersed in our culture and feel the open-hearted nature of our people without sacrificing the quality of their stay.”

Grand Lobbyres The first thing that strikes you when you walk into The Rose Garden is the interior design. Grand columns and stairways take you back in time, and traditional Myanmar decorations invite you in and a banquet hall that can seat up to a thousand people along flanks the lobby. (Take a look for yourself here – The developers made it a key goal of theirs to set themselves apart by including a feel of Myanmar antiquity in every nook of the 298-room, 30,000 sq. meter luxury residence.

The different rooms – the Superior Deluxe, Bamboo Deluxe and Badauk Suite – are all adorned with large windows that provide ample natural light. Furthermore, the artificial light throughout the hotel is LED-based to reduce energy usage. With a state of the art heating / cooling system which moves waste heat through boilers to pre-heat the water and extensive recyclable plumbing, the Rose Garden is also one of the greenest hotels in Yangon.

It is a hallmark of Myanmar that intermittent Internet and unreliable electricity often leave a sour taste for guests traveling through the country. The Rose Garden is self-described as ‘future-proof’ – supplying guests with dependable utilities as well as fiber optic network that provides high-speed Internet for business or for sharing your journey with friends and family back home. Many world-class eateries, one Chinese restaurant, an informal all-day dining foyer featuring tradition Myanmar dishes, a lobby lounge, Veranda Bar and poolside café means guests never have to go far for exceptional cuisine.

Bamboo-Deluxe-King-2resWhen traveling to a country such as Myanmar, it is never hard to feel the welcoming atmosphere that embodies each and every part of the country. Too often though, once you step through the doors to a hotel all of the history, culture and cuisine are left behind you. The Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon offers something that no one else can – an immersion of Myanmar culture and cuisine in a five-star setting. As Mary Fong tells her guests, “The Rose Garden aims to bring 11th century to the 21st century.”

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