Singapore & Malaysia

Singapore. One of Southeast Asia’s most remarkable success stories, with a culture, history and cuisine that’s remarkably rich for a nation so small. A place where financial richness is not only pursued, it is also flaunted. A first world country in every regard. A paragon of capitalism, and the ultimate 21st century metropolis.

Singapore is a city, an island, and a nation, all in one. It is in a constant state of transition, always in ready to upgrade, improve and reinvent. While on the surface Singapore is thoroughly modern, its people are still ruled by tradition and beliefs. It is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, but that doesn’t deter thousands of expatriates who have chosen to move here. Singapore today enjoys a standard of living on par with that of western Europe.

Singapore was part of the Malay Federation until 1965, after which its leader Lee Kuan Yew pushed through an ambitious industrialization program that positioned the nation to succeed in the modern, globalized economy. There is probably no other country wherein the government has single-handedly engineered the economy and society to deliver affluence.

Singapore’s stability and dynamism is manifested in its many racial and religious groups who live harmoniously together. While the country is always keen to attract foreign talent who are able to contribute to the nation’s development and growth, there is also a highly skilled domestic labour force. Singapore boasts the presence of more than 7,000 multi-national corporations from around the world. It is also a shopper’s nirvana.

Singapore’s hotel industry is one of the best in the world. Business hotels such as the Peninsula Excelsior or the Park Hotel conveniently located in the city’s main commercial areas. Or travelers can choose to stay in serviced apartments such as Park Avenue Suites or Treetops. All options provide world-famous Asian grace and hospitality.

Singapore is living proof that great things come in small packages. With a strong and resilient economy, and constantly growing tourist numbers, this is a nation that is reinventing the future. Despite the inherent limitations of a small domestic economy and lack of natural resources, Singapore has established itself as a nation to watch.

“Selamat Datang ke Malaysia”. Welcome to Malaysia. A country that will astound even the most jaded of travelers. Over the centuries, Malaysia has been open to millions of visitors from all over the globe, blending millennia-old rainforests, pristine beaches and high-tech skyscrapers. It has a tourism industry so confident, it prides itself in being Truly Asia.

Like its neighbor Singapore, Malaysian society boasts a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious hue, with Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups. The country is predominantly Islamic, but other religions are widely practiced. And while Singapore’s attractions are primarily man-made, Malaysia’s main draws are its natural wonders.

Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur has a wide range of accommodation that can cater to all visitors. From grand 5-star hotels for those who wish to live it up, to full-service options for the business traveler – you are sure to find something that will suit your needs in an area of your choice.

Kuala Lumpur is catching up to Singapore in becoming an important center for Southeast Asian conventions and conferences. Because of this, many hotels such as the Seri Pacific Hotel are stepping up to the needs of this highly lucrative business market.

The Seri Pacific Hotel is located 10 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling ‘Golden Triangle’, the lifestyle, commerce, and entertainment hub of the city. The hotel boasts 560 rooms including suites and Club rooms that truly reflect Malaysian hospitality.

The Seri Pacific can assure its guests a memorable and successful event. From the simplest to the most extravagant, from meetings to conferences, there is a range of conference and function rooms for you to choose from.

Malaysia is a food-lover’s paradise, and there is no better place to experience the stimulating flavors of Southeast Asia than at the Seri Pacific Kuala Lumpur. Awaken your gastronomic senses by experiencing some of the finest eats served at its five outlets. From local to international cuisine, the authentic Japanese with its vast spread of weekend buffet to the bona fide Cantonese gastronomy spread, the choice is endless.

Malaysia’s secrets are waiting to be discovered. Whatever your experience in the country will be, you will definitely feel a real sense of discovery. There’s never been a better time to discover Malaysia, Truly Asia. Selamat datang!

Singapore and Malaysia. The face of Asia in the 21st Century. Whatever you thought you knew about these two countries, there’s always a surprise around the corner. For business or for a holiday, Singapore and Malaysia are two countries you will never forget.

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