Shonga Steel Limited

Well Known Furniture Manufacturer Aims to Export

100_8657Shonga Steel Limited, which grew out of a British enterprise acquired by Zambian investors in 1975, supplies a wide range of high-quality furniture. The company’s extensive portfolio includes boardroom tables, bookcases, storage systems and work stations for offices; specialized shelving for factories; custom-made executive office furniture; quality hospital equipment, including drip stands, examination tables, medicine trolleys, stainless-steel baby cots and standard hospital beds; and a range of products for schools, from desks and chairs to bookshelves, nursery furniture, bunk beds and more.

Defining Shonga Steel’s competitive edge, CEO Brian Chisanga says, “The company has a uniquely indigenous manufacturing style that reflects Zambia’s cultural heritage. Our products are a lot stronger than imported products. Many of our clients have come to us after being dissatisfied with the cheaper imported products of our competitors.”

Shonga Steel’s biggest client is the government of Zambia, which has awarded the company a number of tenders. Mr. Chisanga, whose father was one of the two original Zambian owners of the company, explains, “Shonga Steel has been around for a very long time. We have great local expertise as well as a large factory and highly professional employees.” Shonga Steel also prides itself on its innovative engineering techniques and its durable, long-lasting products.

Seeking US partners

Looking to the future, Shonga Steel plans to return to its original activity, steel trading, while also continuing to manufacture its popular products. “We are going to modernize our products to make them a bit more contemporary,” Mr. Chisanga says.

Shonga Steel seeks US partners. Mr. Chisanga explains, “We are looking for partnerships with US organizations that can bring us the technologies and investment we need to begin exporting our products internationally. We are also looking for synergies with manufacturers of products we cannot produce here. Shonga Steel is a very transparent company with a great factory and an excellent workforce. We can achieve wonders together.”


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