Association of Security Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Security Services Investors Can Count On

Providing world-class security services is a thriving business in Kazakhstan, which now has around 4,500 security companies and over 985,000 security guards. The Association of Security Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, founded 14 years ago, is the voice of the local security industry.

Anatoliy Kalinin, President, says, “The Association is the link between provide and public security activities. We also do marketing research and analyze security-related issues, and we have played a key role in upgrading regulations and standards for Kazakhstan’s security industry.” The Association works closely with its counterparts in other countries, including Russia, and is always ready to support security firms operating in Kazakhstan.

Security support that meets international standards

Anatoliy Kalinin, President

Mr. Kalinin is very confident that Kazakhstan’s security sector provides the kinds of services international companies demand. He points out, “The security business expands every year no matter what the state of the local and global economy. In Kazakhstan today, almost every local and foreign company employs private security companies. Kazak security enterprises have earned a reputation as valuable, reliable partners, and foreign investors can be confident that our security professionals can give them the support they need to make their business ventures in Kazakhstan a success.”

While foreign companies are prevented by local law from providing security services in Kazakhstan, they can take advantage of the country’s strong growth market for security consulting and security equipment, including alarm systems. Chinese and Russian security-equipment suppliers have already developed a big presence in the local market and Mr. Kalinin urges security companies from the US and other countries to take a close look at opportunities in Kazakhstan. He says, “The Association of Security Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan is very ready to work with you.”