Saracen: Security Services, and Peace of Mind, For Organizations in Africa

Saracen-Uganda-LimitedWith some of the fastest growing economies in the world, businesses are deploying more people, capital, and physical assets in Uganda and Africa. Providing a full range of private security services to government, businesses and NGOs, Saracen is growing right along with them.

Deploying capital, physical assets and personnel in Uganda and other less developed and developing African countries poses numerous risks and challenges for businesses, however; not the least of which are threats to the security of those resources. Saracen steps into that breach and provides a full range of security services and products that can reduce businesses’ security vulnerabilities and prevent, avoid and mitigate those risks.

Besides its geographic location and fast-growing economy, there are other good reasons why Saracen chose Uganda as its headquarters. CEO Bill Pelser explains: “Ugandans are very easy to work with based on their Anglo-Saxon culture, their English skills, the hospitality of the people, and their literacy, which is very high for an African nation. Ugandans are very trustworthy and trainable, which is key in this job.”

Providing a full and growing range of security services to major banks, manufacturers and government offices, Saracen now employs 7,000. Management prides itself on keeping current on the latest geopolitical, economic and social trends and developments, as well as the latest in security methods, techniques, training and technology. This ensures the highest quality of service to Saracen’s clients.

This is reflected in the changing nature of the CEO’s activities. “My job as CEO has changed in terms of what I do,” Pelser elaborates. “It used to be only security, but my core product is now the services delivered by people. Human resource management is a big aspect of my job. I pride myself in saying that our success can be measured in the clients we serve and the fact that they want to stay with us.”

As Pelser explains, “We ensure that proper records of all personnel are held and updated regularly. Personnel files contain past performance and the history of the guard. These files are available for our clients to peruse at any time during office hours.”

Saracen is looking forward to continued strong growth. Mr. Pelser welcomes win-win partnerships, for example with US logistics enterprises or with providers of the latest security technologies.  He says, “We are very open to expanding into any profitable new market, and Uganda is definitely the place to be for investors right now. We are a trustworthy company with an extensive network which can help any investor who wants to start doing business in Uganda. Looking at Saracen Uganda I expect it to grow four times as it is now in just 5 years time.”

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