Salalah Macaroni

Top-Quality Pasta for Regional and Global Markets

Salalah Macaroni Company, named Oman’s best factory in 2011, has established an enviable reputation as the biggest manufacturer of top-quality pasta products in the entire Arab- Asia world. The company is a market leader in East Africa and striving constantly to win over Middle East and other global markets in a stepladder approach. Engineer Mohammad Zaidan, General Manager says, “For our B2B business partners, we offer state of art comprehensive, exemplary know-how, market expertise and proficiency to help them position, promote and sell eminent store brands at attractive prices.”

Salalah Macaroni Company employs the latest technologies and equipment from the world’s leading suppliers, including Italy’s Fava and Switzerland’s Buhler Uzwill. Mohammad Zaidan says, “Our commitment to the best equipment and the highest international standards, GMP including ISO and IMS certifications, has helped us capture the market instantly. To meet the escalating demand we have increased our production capacity from 36,000 metric tons per year to 90,000 metric tons per year, and we hope to reach 144,000 metric tons per year by mid 2013.”

Diverse product portfolio

The company’s competitive edge, according to Rehan Raina, Quality and Marketing manager, comes from its focus on quality and its willingness to offer a diverse range of products in response to market and end-users’ demands. Rehan Raina says, “We never sacrifice our long-term reputation for short-term gains. In addition, we believe that there is not just one product for everyone so our endeavor is to tailor our products to suit the tastes and habits of our consumers, wherever they may be.”

Salalah Macaroni Company’s location in Salalah, the fastest-growing port city in the Middle East, is a definite plus. In addition to its pro-business environment and world-class port facilities, Salalah is set on the main equatorial trade sea route situated between the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa.

Mohammad Zaidan foresees continued strong growth for Salalah Macaroni Company and speaks, “We will always focus on taste, nutrition, health and well-being as well as the diverse values and traditions of our regional and global customers.”

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