Rural Areas Electricity

Rural Areas Electricity Company: the innovative, reliable, cost-effective supplier of electricity and drinking water to Oman’s rural Musandam, Al Wusta, Masirah and Dhofar governates. This fast-growing enterprise founded in 2005 was recently named the number one company in the Middle East in leadership. It has been doubling its capacity every four years and currently operates 52 power plants and six desalination plants. Now Rural Areas Electricity will reach another milestone when it begins supplying electricity to its customers using renewable solar and wind energies. Creating jobs for Omanis is another goal for Rural Areas Electricity, which has achieved a 92% Omanization rate. The company places a high priority on staff training and operates its generation facilities, production plants and distribution networks in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Rural Areas Electricity Company lives up to its motto, “Sustainable energy, community values.”

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