Rama Nand and Co

Leading Local Manufacturer Serving Key Industries.

Rama Nand and Co. Ltd has been serving Uganda’s industrial sector with essential products and services for over 20years now. The main mission has been to provide superior manufacturing products for setting up and managing Coffee processing plants and the lmplementation of spare part fabrication serving both the

domestic and international markets. image002The company has developed expertise in manufacturing, distribution, installation and repairs of coffee-dryers, combined hullers, grading plants and processing plants for the coffee industry as well as maize hullers, thrashers and mills for maize production.

In addition, Rama Nand produces bricks and block making machines, building structures and lorry bodies. Focusing on personalized customer service, Rama Nand can adapt machinery, spare parts and other products to fit a client’s particular needs. The company also provides technical support and consulting services.

Kalwant Singh Notay, Managing Director, explains, “We are proud to be the only company to produce machinery completely in Uganda and the only company manufacturing complete hulling, grading, drying and milling plants for both coffee and maize for the local coffee & maize industry. Our mission is to supply the highest-quality products on the market today.”

Being the 3rd generation in this business, Mr.Kalwant Singh Notay has made this company with not a single support from the earlier generations and is with no doubt a self made man.

Rama Nand’s projects include Coffee Grading and Drying Plant, Maize Cleaning,   Drying and Milling Plant, Storage Silos, Building Structures and many other equipments for Ugacof-Uganda,Rwacof-Rwanda,Bucafe-Burundi,Great Lakes Coffee Company Ltd-Kampala and Mbale, Lake Land Holdings Ltd-Kampala ,Tonga Investments Ltd in Mityana Apony Ltd ,Ibero     ( U) Ltd-Kampala, Savannah Commodities Co.Ltd-Kampala and many more.

Quality second to none

Defining Rama Nand’s competitive edge, Mr. Notay says, “Our quality is second to none in this region but we are also highly price-competitive, with prices around one-fourth those of imported machines. In addition, we produce our machinery here in Uganda, while our competitors only import and assemble machinery. Most of the time if their machinery breaks or cannot be fixed, it is our company that steps in and makes the repairs.” Rama Nand continues to expand into new areas and launched aluminum-fabrication Company in 2001 known as “Euralumin Limited”.

Rama Nand’s exceptional customer service is one reason the company’s customers prefer to work with Rama Nand rather than with international suppliers. Mr. Notay says, “We offer guarantees throughout Uganda as well as great after-sales support to make sure that our products are being used properly and maintained correctly. We also deliver our machines throughout the region.”

Mr. Notay has ambitious plans for the company’s future and is looking for a capital injection of around US$7 million to US$10 million to help Rama Nand handle every aspect of production in-house in Uganda and to continue to expand. He says, “We could start fully manufacturing spare parts in our factory, for example. We need to grow because we cannot meet current demand for our products fully. We welcome the chance to partner with US companies that want to grow along with us.”


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