Providing Efficient Allocation, Protection and Development of Romania’s Water Resources

A.N. Apele Romane (ANAR) is Romania’s sole water resources operator, aiming to provide efficient usage, quality protection and sustainable development of the country’s water resources, constantly improving the relations with the beneficiaries and the end users.

Owned by the Ministry of Waters and Forests, ANAR focuses on providing a long-lasting water resources management, both for the surface and for the underground waters, protecting them from exhaustion and degradation. The company’s main activities include the administration, operation and maintenance of the country’s minor water river beds, lakes and ponds, the seawall, beaches and wetlands, the National System of Water Management Infrastructure, the National Hydrological and Hydro-geological Infrastructure System and the National System of Water Resources Quality Supervision.

“In order to comply with the European legislation, ANAR has developed the River Basin Management Plan of Romania, as part of the updated National Management Plan. This project is in total worth of more than €700 million, used for the development, rehabilitation and equipment of the national water infrastructure”, explains Nicolae Barbieru, General Manager. Some of the company’s current projects include the Project Management of sediments in the Danube River, the project “Towards a Proper Aquatic Environment” – aiming to raise the awareness in the field of water policy, and the “Control Integrated Nutrient Pollution” dedicated to reduce the long-term discharges of nutrients in waters flowing into the Danube River and the Black Sea. He adds, “We are developing the WATMAN Project as well, designed to protect the population by providing adequate infrastructure for flood prevention, in order to mitigate the destructive consequences. The total investment is €63 million, mainly provided by European funds”.

Nicolae Barbieru concludes, “We are here to provide continuous improvement of the quality of our services. We are open for collaboration and partnerships with other state owned institutions and economic operators that can help us achieve this goal”.