Princeps Legem

princeps legem
Ms. Gulya Mamedova, the organization’s Managing Partner

Princeps Legem, a player in the Azerbaijan market for just five short years, has already managed to have a significant impact on the country’s business environment. A multi-faceted business-consulting firm, the organization won a major vote of confidence from the Azeri public and private sectors alike when it was awarded a tender for facilitating the push towards nationalization in the country’s thriving oil and gas industry. As Azerbaijan attempts to reach ninety-five percent nationalization in the sector within five years, Princeps Legem is poised to be one of the country’s most influential organizations in the years to come.

Ms. Gulya Mamedova, the organization’s Managing Partner, believes that the firm’s international perspective in the local market has been a key ingredient for its success. “We are professionals who are able to combine the highest international quality standards with a native familiarity of the situations in our country,” she points out. “Our client list is dominated by international names, but, as a local company, we’re also very committed to developing our local client portfolio.”

LogoIn addition to its role as a partner in national development with the Azerbaijan government, the firm also acts as a first point of contact for incoming investors keen to take advantage of the country’s booming economy and high growth potential, particularly in the energy and infrastructure sectors. “Along with our core business in commercial and industrial legal consulting and support, we also offer market research and monitoring, project identification, financial engineering and industrial representation,” Mamedova explains.

An active participant in ASAN’s ongoing transparency initiative, Princeps Legem is grateful for the support it has received from the government and looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership. “It’s been an incredibly positive collaboration thus far,” Mamedova says.

Just as Mamedova sees for Princeps Legem a long and profitable future, so too does she believe that Azerbaijan will continue to build upon its remarkable growth and development.  “Two areas of tremendous potential are tourism and agriculture. I see both developing into key sectors of the Azerbaijan economy which will assist in the diversification of our economy,” she says. “Come and see our country for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”

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