President Anastasiades

Meeting USTV with the new President of Cyprus Mr Nicos Anastasiades


Statement by President Elect, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades


Today the people of Cyprus granted us the mandate to govern the country for the next five years. I accept this popular mandate and undertake the responsibility it entails.

I would like to thank all citizens, irrespective of whether they honoured us with their vote or chose differently.

I express my appreciation to all fellow candidates for their constructive participation in putting forward political arguments in a smooth and democratic electoral process.

The elections are over. The problems, however, are far from over and so are the difficulties faced by the people and the country alike. We have challenges ahead. The problems we face are neither partisan nor ideological. The challenges and the problems we face affect all of us. That is precisely why we must all focus on dealing and resolving them.

I want to underline that these elections have neither winners nor losers. If there is a losing party, that should be pessimism and frustration. In this respect, the winning party should most definitely be hope and positive prospects.

As President-elect of the Republic of Cyprus, I pledge before all Cypriots, to devote all my efforts to serving the best interests of our country that continues to be tested.

I pledge to act and behave as President of all Cypriots, irrespective of ideological or partisan affiliation. My priorities include the restoration of public confidence in politicians with radical institutional changes, the modernization of the state, and the restoration of meritocracy to the maximum degree.
The biggest challenge at this moment is for our economy to be set on the path of stabilization and growth.

We intend to discuss and cooperate in a reliable manner with our European partners so as to achieve the earliest possible completion of the MoU agreement in a manner that safeguards vulnerable groups, social cohesion and peaceful labour relations.

We will implement an ambitious programme of structural changes and reforms both in the state and in our economy.

When facing great challenges, we want Europe by our side. On our part, we intend to be absolutely consistent and honour all our obligations.

Cyprus belongs in Europe. We will restore our credibility in the European and international arena. One of our first acts will be to submit our application for membership in the Partnership for Peace.

Our foreign policy shall be extravert and we will seek constructive cooperation with all states.

Our cooperation with Greece, on all levels, will once again become a top political priority.

In relation to the Cyprus issue, the cornerstone of our efforts will, from now on, be based on a collective approach and unity.

I appeal to our Turkish Cypriot compatriots, and send a message of peace, friendship and sincere intention to seek a solution that will lead to a modern and European homeland that will respect that human rights of all its citizens and shall create the potential for progress, prosperity and the wellbeing of all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

In this effort, I am certain that we will have the active support of the European Union and of all other friendly countries, which sincerely wish to bring this unacceptable situation, by both European and international standards, to an end.

Today marks a new era for Cyprus.

I invite al political forces and citizens alike to a new and promising path characterized by unity and togetherness, and above all, faith in a better future for our country, through a national unity government.

We will fight this battle united and united we shall win.

In this course, as President of the Republic of Cyprus, I have the responsibility to avail and exhaust all my efforts.

Nicosia, 24 February 2013

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