Peru. A country rich in petroleum and gas
Extractive industries represent the largest business for American goods and services, and have attracted the majority of U.S. investment into Peru.
PERUPETRO is a private law State agency and is responsible for promoting, negotiating, underwriting and monitoring contracts for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons.
Peru has an open door policy towards international oil companies, and all exploration and production activities involving upstream petroleum and natural gas are carried out by companies who sign contracts with PERUPETRO.
PERUPETRO is actively promoting exploration acreage, including an hydrocarbon-rich coastal region that can support extensive marine exploration activities.
PERUPETRO is the architect of the transformation of the hydrocarbon industry, aimed at strengthening Peru as a destination for investment in exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, in harmony with the environment and native communities.
PERUPETRO is committed to strengthening the development of new strategies, where the government, investors and the public, work together to provide an efficient and effective service in the hydrocarbon industry.
We invite you to access Peru’s exploration potential.

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