Peru. A South American Legacy.

Peru. A South American Legacy. 

The Republic of Peru. An emerging economy with a stable macroeconomic investment climate and ‘investment grade’ credit rating. A nation with an open door policy for investment. One of the least restrictive countries in the world.

Forming a land mass approximately the size of Alaska, Peru is home to just over thirty million people and borders Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Equador in the heart of South America, with a stretching coastline onto the South Pacific Ocean. The capital city is Lima. The national has been known to battle internal poverty rates, while poor infrastructure has hindered growth to the inland areas.

However, Peru has sustained economic growth over the last ten years, while reducing government debt by more than half[1]. President Ollanta Humala Tasso is maintaining the market orientated economic policies of preceding administrations, and the nation is becoming increasingly present in the global market. Since two thousand six, it has formed important strategic trade deals with the US, Canada, EU, and nations in Asian and South America, including its membership in the Pacific Alliance. The US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement came into force in two thousand nine, creating important investment and trade between the two nations.

The country is full of high potential sectors, including energy, transportation, tourism and agriculture. It’s stable and modern legal framework provides protection for foreign and national investment, and the economy has seen an average of six point four percent of growth each year. The extractive sector in particular has seen a rise in private investment, and accounts for over sixty percent of Peru’s exports.

Peru’s abundant natural resources and range of climates are reflected in the economy, with global market participation in mining, agriculture, textiles, and energy. It is naturally bestowed with an arid lowland coastal region, tropical lands, and mountain ranges holding important mineral resources and many business opportunities.



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