High-Quality Human Resources and Exceptional Service


OCUPAR provides essential human-resources services for its customers throughout Colombia. With more than two decades of experience, OCUPAR specializes in the selection, supply and administration of proactive human talent. Acting General Manager Alejandro Navarrete explains, “We have offices nationwide and we have established policies that guarantee payment of wages and the welfare of our workers.We constantly exceed the satisfaction of our customers thanks to our optimum communications and services.” OCUPAR meets all international and national standards and is certified ISO 9001:2001 as well as by Colombia’s BASC Norma.


Well known in the Colombian market for its high legal, ethical and professional standards as well as for its commitment to customer service, OCUPAR is a leader in Colombia’s human-resources sector and the fourth-largest human-resources enterprise in Cali. Its Ocuservis outsourcing services benefit client companies by helping to boost their productivity and international standards. OCUPAR provides human resources for all industrial and commercial sectors of the Colombian economy.

Highly personalized services


Defining OCUPAR’s competitive edge, Mr. Navarrete says, “Our advantage over bigger human-resources companies is our very strong commitment to highly personalized services. We carefully research the training, experience and individual talents of every prospective employee we recommend, and we have earned a reputation for providing higher-quality personnel than other companies offer.” OCUPAR welcomes the chance to work with US companies in Colombia.


OCUPAR is also open to the possibility of project-based investment, and it has positioned itself as a very attractive target for investors interested in the Colombian market. Thanks to its stellar track record, OCUPAR is certain to continue to expand. As Mr. Navarrete points out, “In the twenty-plus years that the company has existed, it has never had any sort of legal mishap or significant problem with a client.”

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