Neal & Massy

Neal & Massy Group: a driving force for business development in the Caribbean for almost a century. Guided by vision, innovation and sound values, Neal & Massy has grown to become one of the region’s biggest business groups. With an asset base of around $8 billion and revenues of $8.5 billion, Neal & Massy Group includes more than 60 companies active in a wide range of sectors, from the food industry to consumer finance; auto and industrial equipment; insurance; energy and industrial gases; ICT; real estate and property management. Neal & Massy is especially active in Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and the eastern Caribbean. A valued long-term partner for international companies, Neal & Massy has forged strong working relationships with such global leaders as Caterpillar, Nissan, Oracle, Proctor and Gamble, Con Agra, Moneygram and Wood Group. Neal & Massy: a force for good.

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