Naves Supply

World-Class Water, Garbage and Sewage Service

Naves Supply has been providing essential services to its customers in Panama City since 1997. Launched to supply water, the family-owned company quickly branched out into garbage-incineration and sewerage-disposal services and has been growing every year. Naves Supply’s main customers are government-owned and private ships entering Balboa port.

Owner and General Manager Lourdes Castillo runs the company with the help of her two daughters and a team of dedicated employees. She says, “We pride ourselves on offering complete customer service 24/7 and my staff gives the best service available in Panama. I always have my cell phone with me so that customers can contact me directly. As a woman running a company in a sector dominated by men, I am even more dedicated to making this company the best that it can be.”

panama_navesSet for continued strong growth

Ms. Castillo, who came from a poor household, is an example of Panama’s entrepreneurship. She aims to become the first female member of the Panama Canal board and to serve as a key player in Panama’s maritime sector. As for the future, she plans to continue to expand Naves Supply and to acquire new equipment to be able to offer offshore services. “I believe that if you try hard enough, you can achieve your dreams,” she says confidently.

Panama offers outstanding investment potential, Ms. Castillo believes. Urging foreign investors to look into opportunities in her country, she explains, “Panama is a land of opportunity. It does not matter where you come from; the people of Panama will welcome you. In addition, there are Panamanian companies such as my own that offer the kind of transparency and positive customer relations that result in strong, lasting partnerships.”

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