Myanmar Tourism Marketing


Myanmar Tourism Marketing: Helping Build Myanmar’s Travel & Tourism Industry

Tourists are traveling to Myanmar in ever greater numbers as our culturally rich, diverse and fast-developing country opens its doors to the world. For travel and tour agencies and those looking to visit, or already planning a trip, Myanmar Tourism Marketing offers a variety of valuable information services and assistance.

Representing 145 travel companies, all of us here at Myanmar Tourism Marketing are dedicated to helping attract tourists to our beautiful country. We are present at international travel and tourism trade shows, such as ITB Berlin, JATA in Tokyo. Next month, we will be at the World Travel Market in London.

We are keen to attract more visitors from Europe, the USA and Canada because at present most visitors to Myanmar come from neighboring Asian countries.

At the moment, we are in the midst of obtaining full membership in USTOA – the US Tour Operators Association. Next year, we are planning to attend several trade shows in the US, and we are going to open an office in Washington D.C.  to organize our marketing activities and promote Myanmar travel in the United States.

We are also working in other ways to help realize the goals set out by Myanmar Union Minister of Tourism, H.E. U Htay Aung. Working closely with the Minister, we are helping build the human resource capacity that is critical to realizing the Minister’s goals to increase tourism in Myanmar.

As a marketing agency, we don’t want to paint an overly rosy picture of Myanmar. Myanmar is a culturally and ethnically diverse nation made up of 14 provinces. Conflicts have, and will continue to arise.

It is difficult to bridge the divides that separate people, but we believe promoting tourism and helping people and businesses across all of Myanmar’s provinces build the capacity to increase tourism can go a long way towards achieving peace and stability in our time.

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