Myanmar: The Golden Era – Full


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Once an isolated nation, this formerly ‘closed’ country is undergoing a transformative course of economic, social and political reform and revivification.
It’s a land opening its doors to the world, and welcoming its rightful place on the international stage once more.
Myanmar is strategically located next to China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh, alongside the Andamon Sea and beside the Bay of Bengal.
Home to over 50 million people, Myanmar encompasses a land mass of almost 261,228 square miles, amassing to an area slightly smaller than Texas and making it the second largest country in South East Asia. The largest city of Yangon is the economic centre, but today the administrative capital city is Nay Pyi Taw.

President Obama visited the nation in 2012 and again in 2014, becoming the very first American president to do so. Together with President HE U Thein Sein, in 2013 the pair signed a bilateral investment-protection and trade promotion agreement for the two countries. This nation is metamorphosing through its fundamental precipice of change. It’s a land ready to welcome the world. An ancient world, but one with modern goals and future aspirations. Myanmar, The Golden Land moving into a golden era.

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