Montenegro – full report

At the heart of the Mediterranean lies a country that will take your breath away.

A small nation with big potential. This is Montenegro.

Montenegro’s economic growth and development has been so robust it is hard to believe that this nation has only been independent since 2006.

Montenegro is rising up from the shadow of the former Yugoslavia and deserves to be admired for its strong macro-economic indicators and the promise of an investment-friendly republic.

Where wild beauty meets European progress.

This is Montenegro.

Montenegro is a Mediterranean country located in Southeast Europe. Its strategic location offers excellent sea connections with all Mediterranean countries, as well as the rest of Europe and North Africa.

An independent and sovereign country since proclaiming its independence from Serbia in 2006, Montenegro is experiencing an ongoing period of development and growth, having fully transformed its economy from a socialist model to a free market system.

While the recent global financial crisis had a significant negative impact on the economy, Montenegro today has an investment climate that is open to business.

The United States has been a strong supporter and partner to Montenegro, having assisted the country’s transition into a prosperous, market-based democracy.

2011 was a very successful year for Montenegro, following the European Council’s decision on the opening of access negotiations between Montenegro and the European Union in June 2012..

A look at Montenegro’s growth sectors

Montenegro’s two airports, located in the capital Podgorica and in the coastal town of Tivat, are of European Union standard. The modernization of the country’s airports have improved the quality of services for passengers and aircraft, as well as the airports’ levels of security and safety.

Montenegro’s location in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea make it an exceptional site where sea and inland traffic come together. The country aims to develop the Port of Bar as one of the leading ports in the Balkan region, but investment is crucial. With the Montenegrin market being too small to fully utilize its capacity and make it a profitable port, the Port of Bar has to acquire new markets to which it would cater.

The wine industry in Montenegro is also booming and is making a mark in many American households

Montenegro is Europe in a small, accessible package. Far apart from the beaten tourist track, it is a paradise that opens itself up to visitors. Historic walled towns like Budva and Kotor are perfect for exploring and experiencing the feel of times gone by. Montenegro’s interior is a setting of dramatic green mountains straight out of a fairy tale, dotted with lakes and scored by deep canyons.

And who can forget Montenegro’s lovely coastline! Montenegro is the hub of the Adriatic holiday coast with fine beaches and a highly developed tourism infrastructure. Visitors have a wide variety of accommodation options, including international 5-star hotels such as the Hotel Splendid, with its top-notch services and facilities.

Montenegro is a year-round destination, but it still has a way to go to attract more American tourists.

Montenegro is safe and stable. The dynamic economic development of today’s Montenegro is supported by a growing trend of foreign direct investment and sound economic policies, all in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

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