Ministry of Defence – Myanmar

Ministry of Defence Guided by Constitution

H.E. Commodore Aung Thaw, Deputy Minister of Defence
H.E. Commodore Aung Thaw, Deputy Minister of Defence

Myanmar’s armed forces have traditionally played a crucial role in the country’s international relations and domestic security. His Excellency Commodore Aung Thaw, Deputy Minister of Defence, points out, “This Ministry of Defence plays an important part in the nation-building in Myanmar, it is our primary goal to safeguard Myanmar’s national solidarity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and maintain peace and security.”

Myanmar’s strategic location serves as a bridge between Southern and Southeast Asia as it has borders with China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh. At the domestic level, Commodore Aung Thaw points out, Myanmar has over 130 ethnic groups. He says, “In order to safeguard a full democracy we need to uphold a good organization, we strive for this by operating according to Myanmar’s constitution.”

The constitution states that Myanmar’s defence will participate in the country’s political leadership role, protect the constitution and protect Myanmar from internal and external threats among other tasks. Commodore Aung Thaw says, “Our main responsibility is clear. We safeguard territorial integrity, national solidarity and sovereignty. That is our main mission.”

Support for government’s reform programs

MOD logoThe Ministry of Defence is committed to supporting the current government’s reform programs. The Deputy Minister says, “One of our objectives is to promote Myanmar Armed forces’ image internationally and to contribute to the government’s reform process. We are adjusting the Ministry accordingly in an effort to serve our country in the best way.” Commodore Aung Thaw express that the reform process is delicate and needs to be done the right way at the right time. “It is a matter of quality, we should not pressure the process, Myanmar should take one step at the time in order to be successful.”

The Ministry of Defence supports increased ties between Myanmar and the US. Commodore Aung Thaw concludes, “Myanmar’s Ministry of Defence is open to partnerships to promote relations.”


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