Midwest Oilfield Services

Oil-Sector Services Leader Serves as Ideal Local Partner

Midwest Oilfield Services plays a leading role in Oman’s oil industry. The company specializes in performance and directional drilling as well as sales, assembly, servicing and maintenance of drilling equipment. Out of an Omani market valued at around US$100 million per year, Midwest achieves around US$10 million per year but has the capacity to reach US$50 million.

CEO Mohammed Al Jahwari, who was named Oman’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2009, explains, “Midwest is a 100% private company with 90% Omanization. In our 10 years of operations, we have completed more than 800 wells.” Midwest is launching an equipment-manufacturing operation and Mr. Al Jahwari is also interested in getting involved in enhanced oil-recovery projects for wells considered ‘dead’ but which may still have potential.

One-stop-shop services

Through broadening its scope of activities, Midwest Oilfield Services will create a true one-stop shop for its customers. Midwest’s current client list is a who’s who of the oil sector in Oman and includes PDO, Petrogas, Oxy, Daleel, Oman Oil Company and others.

Midwest Oilfield Services stands out from its competitors through its exceptionally high standards. The company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. As Mr. Al Jahwari points out, “Certification to these globally recognized standards reflects our commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and continually improving the quality of our service while protecting the environment and our employees from harm. There are only a handful of businesses in Oman that have achieved these certifications.”

Midwest welcomes the chance to work with American investors and partners, particularly ones bringing in new technologies. Mr. Al Jahwari says, “We understand the challenges of drilling oil in Oman. Foreign companies need a local partner with local knowledge if they want their technology to succeed here. I can be the local partner of choice for any US company entering the Omani market.”


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