Mercer & Company

Fast-Growing Law Firm Welcomes US Investors

ghana_mercerMercer & Company law firm, founded two years ago, has already carved out a niche as a world-class supplier of legal services for both corporate and individual clients. The firm’s areas of expertise include banking and finance, corporate and commercial law, energy and natural resources, property, intellectual property, litigation, legislative and regulatory matters, labor and employment issues, probate and administration, family law and company secretarial services.
Andrew Mercer, Lead Attorney, explains, “We specialize in corporate transactions, commissions and joint ventures. We recently completed a corporate transaction for a client in Dubai. Most of our clients are corporations that are active in a number of sectors, and our main client at the moment has around 42 different companies under its umbrella.” The firm’s mission is to offer high-quality legal advice and exceptional services through a client-centered approach.

Expanding rapidly

Serving clients from all over the world, Mercer & Company is especially interested in the US market. “I see us becoming a big player over the next two years, and this year alone we are expanding from three attorneys to 10. We aim to become a top commercial law firm,” Mr. Mercer points out. He adds, “We differentiate ourselves from other law firms through the very personalized attention we give to every client. We put a face to every account and we are very hands-on.”

International investors should take a close look at Ghana, Mr. Mercer believes. He says, “Ghana is a good country with enormous potential and with welcoming people ready to do business. US investors are particularly welcome to share in the future of Ghana.” Mercer & Company is ready to provide the world-class legal services investors need to make their ventures in Ghana a success.


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