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When it comes to real estate development, Yangon is seeing a boom completely unique to itself. Massive blocks of the city are currently cordoned off with advertisements promising the next great thing – hotels, luxury apartments, shopping centers, etc. But when it comes to these developments, Marga Group is spearheading the effort to bring Yangon fully into the 21st century with Dagon City 1.

Dagon City 1 will be located just south of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda and west of Kandawgyi Lake and Yangon’s Zoological Gardens. The massive transformation project will introduce state-of-the-art living, retail, office and hotel space to the commercial heart of Myanmar. (For more information on Dagon City 1 and getting involved, click here –

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Marga Group was first incorporated under Dr. Stephen Suen, the Founding Chairman of Marga Group, as an investment channel between funders and Myanmar. Their team is made up of ‘accomplished professionals from the global arena’ and together represent shareholders from the UK, South Korea, Hong-Kong and Australia. As Dagon City 1 enters its second phase, Marga Group is opening up funding opportunities for more and more exciting projects. With the first move-in dates to the Dagon City 1 residences slated for 2017, there is no better time to join Marga Group as they transform the landscape of Yangon and Myanmar.

DSC_6227Discussing the mounting interest in Myanmar, Dr. Suen told US-Television about the unique and attractive traits of Yangon. “Yangon has one of the most strategic economic locations in the world because it is centrally located between three large groups of populations – China, India and ASEAN countries. Those groups occupy almost 50% of the total world population.” As Myanmar opens its doors to the world, it is both geographically and economically poised to become a major player in Asia and beyond.

Marga Group, which gets its name from the Sanskrit term for “path” (and in turn the Buddhist path towards enlightenment) feels a strong connection to work with and for the people of Myanmar. The sentiment of giving back to the community echoes strongly with the investors. Dr. Suen went on to say that he believes strongly in giving back to the community that he is working with in a number of ways. He sees this as a way of building Myanmar from the ground up and as a way of thanking the people of Myanmar for their exceptionally “warm, welcoming and honest nature.”


Yangon and Myanmar currently find themselves at a crossroads unlike any other in history. Dr. Suen told US-Television, “No other developing country in the world has commenced economic reform and political reform simultaneously. The past couple of years in Myanmar has shown just how effective this can be and just how much potential lies in this country and its people.” As the leading real-estate developer in Yangon today, Marga Group, stands with an open hand to international investors and local partners alike to guide them into this new and exciting chapter of Myanmar.

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