Majan Electricity

Reliable Provider of Electrical Power in Fast-Growing Sohar

Majan Electricity, founded in 2005, has grown rapidly and now supplies electricity to government facilities, private residences, businesses and industries in the Governorates of North Al Batinah, Dhahirah and Buraimi, including the Sohar industrial zone. The company will open state-of-the-art new headquarters in Sohar in May 2013 and aims to play a major role in driving forward Sohar’s rapid development as an industrial hub, leading regional port and tourism destination.

General Manager Ahmed Bin Saif Al-Mazrouy says, “We offer a robust and highly secured distribution network to meet our customers’ electricity needs. Through our systems, processes and people, we manage electricity sustainably, and we benefit the people of Oman by delivering safe, reliable and economical electrical power.” Looking to the future, Majan Electricity also actively encourages the development of renewable energy in Oman.

The company strongly supports Oman’s current drive to promote energy efficiency, particularly in the industrial sector but also among residential customers. “We believe that ensuring energy sustainability requires a group effort by the government, the community and companies,” Mr. Al-Mazrouy points out. He adds that Majan Electricity is also in favor of reducing government energy subsidies.

Adding to Sohar’s attractions as a business base

Sohar was founded more than 6000 years ago and has an entrenched rich history. It is located midway between Muscat and Dubai and it has a diverse nature consisting of mountains, flat lands and sea.

As a leading enterprise in the area in which it operates, Majan Electricity has a very strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and supports a number of programs in local communities. Majan Electricity also promotes Sohar’s many advantages as a business base. Mr. Al-Mazrouy says, “Majan is more than just an electricity company. It is our responsibility to develop the areas we serve, especially Sohar. Our message to potential investors is, ‘Sohar is ready for you’.” Sohar, with its modern infrastructure, is already ranked Oman’s second-biggest port and industrial hub and it plays a key role in the Omani economy.

People power is an important concept for Majan Electricity, which focuses strongly on training its employees and on providing a productive working environment for them. Mr. Al-Mazrouy concludes, “We aim to help our employees improve their skills to reach the highest standards. We invest in our employees and even if they decide to work for other companies or in other countries, they will always be ambassadors of Majan Electricity and of the level of professionalism and expertise that we nurture in our company.” Majan Electricity welcomes the chance to serve international companies and investors as their electricity partner of choice in Oman.

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