Linkage & Mind LLP


Ms. Madina Sypatayeva, Founder and Managing Partner
Ms. Madina Sypatayeva, Founder and Managing Partner

Founded in 2005, Linkage & Mind is a relatively young boutique Kazakh law firm with offices in Astana and Almaty, and representative in London. The main practices are corporate and M&A transactions, tax and investment benefits, and litigation.

Since inception, Ms. Madina Sypatayeva, the founder and managing partner, has been consistently working to improve Linkage & Mind. From year to year they have changed their strategy, opened new locations, and hand picked the best lawyers in the market. While in the beginning their clients were all local companies, the current client base consists of 70% foreign companies. “We are an internationally focused law firm and we are looking to work with foreign companies.”

In Kazakhstan, there are a total of 14 lawyers in 2 offices, with Ms. Sypatayeva as the managing partner leading corporate and M&A transactions. There is also another partner in Almaty leading tax practice, a litigation partner based in Astana and representative partner in London. All Linkage & Mind lawyers are professionals who have practiced in Kazakhstan and offer creative and efficient ways of working. Ms. Sypatayeva explains, ”That is where the name comes from – We link minds and come up with innovative answers”.

While Linkage and Mind has been focused on the industrial sector, they have also practiced government relations in order to help foreign companies meet the right people. “When Spanish companies enter Kazakhstan they want their own construction companies however they don’t know whom to speak to or what the procedures are. We help them and organize meetings because we know which people and which ministries make decisions on various issues”, Ms. Sypatayeva explains.

In the corporate sector, Linkage & Mind has clients from various international companies including ones from Germany, China, Middle East, UK, and Netherlands. The majority of these clients consist of foreign companies entering the market to acquire some local companies and come up with their own negotiations, market review, due diligence, etc… Ms. Sypatayeva adds, “They choose Linkage & Mind because our professional lawyers are creative, efficient, and think progressively.”

When speaking about the firm’s future strategy, Ms. Madina Sypatayeva wants to double the number of lawyers, adding, “In 5 years, we want to grow and have specific lawyers who will only work with international foreign companies in Kazakhstan.”

Linkage & Mind is looking to create a strong brand by positioning themselves as a small company that concentrates on quality, discipline and innovation. “Our goal is to further promote our brand both nationally and internationally. Young companies like ours are looking to recreate the country and change minds” Ms. Sypatayeva concludes.

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