Labadi Beach Hotel

ghana_labadibeachhotelLabadi Beach Hotel has been recognized as one of the premiere hotels in Accra for decades.  As the hotel options for International Executives have increased, Labadi remains the first choice of those who come to do business in Accra.   General Manager Adrian Landry explains that Labadi has remained the top choice for the “well-heeled traveller” in Accra because of its commitment to providing the best facilities and service in the city. “Every member of our staff acts as an ambassador for Ghana.  It is important to be a good host to those who visit us.”

Labadi Beach Hotel is just one example of successful Public-Private Partnerships in Ghana. The Five Star beachfront hotel is owned by Ghana’s Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and the property is managed by South Africa’s Legacy Hotels and Resorts.  “The partnership between Legacy and SSNIT is very successful because both organizations see the growth of business and Tourism in Accra.  Labadi Beach maintains its position as the best hotel because SSNIT and Legacy invest heavily in the future.”  During Adrian Landry’s seven years as General Manager, Labadi Beach Hotel has been named the best 5-Star Hotel in West Africa on three occasions in addition to several other national and international titles.  During the same time period, dividends have been paid to SSNIT every year. “Legacy takes its commitment to its shareholders very seriously.  It is important for the Ghanaian people to benefit from the success of its best property.”

Labadi Beach Hotel has a total of 164 rooms, including 4 Superior Suites, 4 Executive Suites, 2 Presidential Suites and 2 Paraplegic Rooms as well as the only private beach in Accra.  Legacy and SSNIT have no intentions of resting on their laurels.  The hotel is currently undergoing a renovation that will include a new Spa, Gym, an additional swimming pool, and a Conference Centre with a capacity of 600 people to be commissioned in March of 2014.

“If we are going to remain the best, we must have the best to offer. Not only do we have the largest rooms, we also have the best food and most well trained staff of any hotel in the country,” says Landry.  The General Manager explains that Labadi Beach Hotel provides an environment for those looking to do business in Ghana.  “We welcome all who are coming to invest and work in Ghana; Labadi beach is at the top of the list for the business minded.”

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