Kassa Nova Bank


Kassa Nova Bank

Kassa Nova bank is a relatively new bank in Kazakhstan, specializing in rendering financial services to population and small enterprises. More specifically, it focuses on retail and SME (Small & Medium Enterprises). When visiting this boutique bank, you will find that quality and comfort are the top priorities. Mr. Nurlan Nogaibekov, Managing Director of Astana`s branch of Kassa Nova Bank, explains “Our business ethic is simple – we are a fast and innovative bank”.

Kassa Nova currently has offices in all major cities in Kazakhstan, with 2 new ones opening in the near future. “We want all of them to offer the same feel to the customer. We want people to feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they enter until they leave” explains Mr. Nurlan Nogaibekov. The approach to business is quite different than other banks in the country. The atmosphere depicts the coffee shop ambiance, where customers can sit and relax while also getting their financial needs taken care of. Each office is newly renovated and equipped with special coffee machines. Front desk staff does not only greet customers but also serves them fresh cups of coffee during their visit. Kassa Nova also uses innovative techniques by offering libraries and painting books for children. “We want to attract customers and have them return” adds Mr Nogaibekov.

Mr. Nurlan Nogaibekov, Managing Director


Although there are other banks in Kazakhstan specializing in SME that offer lower prices, there are none like Kassa Nova. “Our typical loan client wants quality and speed. We always deliver that and that sets us apart from other banks” points out Mr. Nurlan Nogaibekov.

In the future, Mr. Nogaibekov wants to increase the presence of Kassa Nova across the country. Although the bank is now present in all major cities, his goal is to have one office in each of the 18 regions in Kazakhstan. The purpose of the bank is to be leaders in its segment. “Kazakhstan is a big, friendly country, and we always welcome our guests” concludes Mr. Nogaibekov.


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