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Jumbaktas – National Heritage, Eastern Hospitality

Jumbaktas is a chain of exclusive Jt hotels and restaurants in Kazakhstan, made in luxurious national spirit, offering excellence in service and great hospitality. The Jt brand provides ideal solutions for both businessmen and leisure tourists in the four-star hotel on the left bank of the river Yesil in Astana city and the two hotels in the Borovoe resort zone. In addition, The Group offers great cuisine experience in the newly opened restaurant in the apartment complex Nurasaya. Ms. Bibigul Dossanova, General Manager points out, “We position ourselves as a hotel chain in Kazakh national style and emphasis is placed on the national issue. In Astana there are many four-star hotels but our advantage is the traditional national style.”

Jumbaktas picture 1Opened in 2011, the Jumbaktas Hotel in Astana features contemporary architecture and it offers a range of services targeted at the most exquisite customers. Ms. Dossanova adds, “We have built a health center and SPA, in collaboration with our partners, and provide a wide range of services: fitness, beauty care, health care, SPA, Detox-program thermal Zone (baths of the world. This helps us to reach the five-star standard, and in a year we are planning to apply for a five-star certificate. There are about five big chain hotels; however, there are no local Kazakh five-star hotels here in Astana.” The hotel offers 60 rooms with a breathtaking panoramic view of the modern capital of Kazakhstan, with a wide range of accommodation options – from standard rooms to presidential suites, a restaurant with national and European cuisine and a business center.

Jumbaktas picture 2The Jumbaktas Resort in Borovoe, located in the center of Burabay village is designed for leisure tourists interested in outdoor recreation. The resort offers 26 rooms and amenities such as bistro cafe, sauna, restaurant, parking, 24h front desk and taxi service. The hospitality together with the clear air, picturesque lake and fairytale beauty, provide the best impressions for every visitor.  Discussing the touristic season, Bibigul Dossanova states, “We have many clients for the weekends and holidays in winter, because there is a resort zone with skiing facilities. You can also walk in the forest there, and it’s very beautiful to stay in Borovoe in any season.”

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