ITQAN Holding



ITQAN Holding is a comprehensive IT company, focusing on technology and security services, cateringto both the Government and the private sector. The company was founded in 2007 and consists of four subsidiaries, specializing in IT retail, training and consulting, infrastructure, software and security.

Aiming to be the leader in providing services around national security, ITQAN is looking to boost its Research and Development capabilities, increase innovation and strive towards technological creativity. ITQAN is therefore always on the lookout for strong partners with a proven track record in Research and Development.

Due to the size and maturity of the US market, ITQAN looks forward to forming additional US partnerships that will ultimately help the company achieve these goals for the benefit of the country. The group already enjoys close relations with American companies, and represents leading brands such as Microsoft, Lenovo and LG in its retail division.

‘It is our mission to be the organisation that will introduce the latest and best technology to Qatar and we see great potential in working with foreign partners in doing so,’ says Muath D. Khatatbeh, ITQAN Group CEO.

A company that has grown at a tremendous pace in the last six years, building a strong and solid reputation in the market, ITQAN is not only playing an important role in creating a safe and diversified Qatar. The company is also contributing in a meaningful way to enriching the lives of Qatari people by connecting them with technology, encouraging innovation and contributing to a qualified IT workforce as Qatar becomes the next knowledge-based economy of the Middle East.

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