World-Class Healthcare and Medical Insurance Clients Can Trust

The Kazakh Corporation of Health and Medical Insurance (Interteach) lives up to its promise, “Entrust us with your health.” This dynamic healthcare enterprise has been providing international-standard healthcare services for its customers for more than 27 years and was the first company licensed to offer medical insurance in Kazakhstan. Interteach has opened 25 of its own clinics and is partnering with the best private and public hospitals as well as more than 300 clinics to provide complete coverage in all regions of Kazakhstan and in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan . Interteach also operates a fleet of 52 ambulances and has opened care centers to serve patients in remote locations.

Saule Jundubayeva, Chairman of the Board and Founder, explains that around 99% of Interteach’s clients are corporate customers. She says, “Interteach now has 150,000 clients in Kazakhstan and we work closely with the government and with the country’s hospitals to provide outstanding healthcare for Kazakhstan’s residents.” Interteach’s prestigious client list is a “who’s who” of the major local and foreign enterprises operating in Kazakhstan as well as embassies and other international organizations.

Interteach is looking forward to continued strong growth in Kazakhstan, particularly after medical insurance becomes obligatory in the country in 2019. “We plan to expand our services and the areas we cover over the coming five years, and we are launching new activities, including a chain of pharmacies,” Ms. Jundubayeva points out. She adds, “Interteach will continue to offer competitive advantages based on high-quality care, the latest technologies, and a client-oriented approach by our dedicated team of employees and managers.”

Medical services Interteach offers include specialized surgical, gynecological and urological care using laparoscopic and endoscopic technologies, and diagnostic care employing the latest diagnostic technologies. Through its patient-oriented approach and state-of-the-art medical services, Interteach aims to play a key role in upgrading healthcare in Kazakhstan and in attracting FDI to the local healthcare sector.


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