International Drug Company


International Drug Company is one of the major players in the Zambian economy through its activities in the pharmaceutical sector. Its mission is to manufacture a wide range of top quality products at affordable prices for both the local and international markets.

The company acquired two privatized state-owned pharmaceutical facilities and now manufactures and distributes a wide range of pharmaceuticals products throughout Zambia and exports to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Around 80% of the company’s products are sold to the government institutions.  Mr. Altaf Patel the General Manager explains “Our pharmaceutical dosage forms range from creams to suspensions, ointments, syrups and Intravenous fluids.”  

Mr. Patel further says “The Company is currently sealing up its manufacturing capacity and aims to export to new markets. It is also finalizing on the acquisition of new machinery to help boost production and to implement the latest development in technology”.


Mr. Patel welcomes the chance to partner with US companies.  He says “We are looking for American partners who can bring in cutting-edge technologies to help expand the business. Zambia is an ideal investment opportunity because of the market size, the country’s strategic location and its political stability”.

International Drug Company offers a competitive edge as an investment partner thanks to its extensive experience, successful and proven track record and well established ties with the government.

“There is a big opportunity for any investor as Africa is the continent of the future and Zambia is truly a land of plenty” Mr. Patel comments. “Investors can reap rich harvest and help enrich the lives of the Zambian people” he adds.

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