A Strong Local Partner in Colombia’s High Return Real Estate Development Sector

logoMauricio Agudelo Martínez, along with co-founders Juan Ricardo Arango Noero and Santiago Arango Noero, spent decades gaining experience in the real estate and construction industry working within some of Colombia’s most prestigious organizations. The trio, whose professional backgrounds span the public and private sector in areas such as finance, project management, and large-scale infrastructure developments, founded Integra Gerencia y Construccion in _____ with their combined savings accounts. As the organization’s name suggests, the firm integrates all aspects of the construction and real estate industry under one roof.

From humble beginnings, the organization has grown since the signing of its first contract in 2007. Presently, the group has already delivered or begun work on some 7 properties in Bogota and Cartegena, with more in the pipeline. With a specialization in developing high-value housing for the low to middle income sectors of society, Integra’s value proposition comes from its team of action-oriented professionals. Martinez considers the organization’s size an asset due to the team’s ability to be agile, nimble and adaptable. “We may be small, but we are mighty.”

Integra is actively seeking to create partnerships with complimentary organizations, both domestically and internationally. “International partners coming in will find, in Integra, a local partner that has not only very deep knowledge of the sector, but strong relationships on both the public and private sides of things,” he explains. “It doesn’t have to be a jungle for incoming investors.”

Martinez is exciting about Colombia’s rapid development and the exponential growth in the real estate sector. “This is a country that offers tremendous opportunities,” he says. Although Colombia has struggled with its image in the past, Martinez believes that the Colombia of today can offer big returns. “The only difference between reality and perception is the size of the opportunity. The world might not yet know, but the time to invest is now.”

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