Williams Industries Inc

williams_industriesInnovative Enterprise Focusing on Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions

Williams Industries Inc., headquartered in St. Thomas, Barbados is a small conglomerate innovator in the construction industry that includes 13 wholly owned, diversified and dynamic companies and 17 joint-venture companies in Barbados, St. Lucia, Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Williams Industries has a reputation for innovation and has positioned itself as the ideal joint-venture partner for US investors.

The group is active in alternative energies, environmental protection, manufacturing, electrical engineering, construction, waste recycling, water desalination, well drilling, real estate development, building and equipment rental, sewage treatment, ICT and tourism. Describing Williams Industries’ guiding principles, Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, Chairman, explains, “We believe that the only way to ensure the success of our company is to provide our customers with the highest standard of service and products possible at competitive prices.” He adds “We know the intricacies of the local markets and legislature well and we have an excellent track record with labor. We have always been able to raise finance for projects that we wanted to do.” He adds,

Known for innovation since it was founded four decades ago, Williams Industries is a leader in implementing new technologies, including environmentally friendly systems. Current projects for the group include building a new plant to convert garbage to electrical power and expanding its own solar-power installations. The company’s Cane Garden offices and several of its other buildings are already powered by solar systems. “We are also testing electric vehicles to determine their long term operating cost in Barbados because we believe they will become the vehicles of choice in the future”. that we believe will become planning to transform all the vehicles in our fleet into electric cars,” Mr. Williams says.

In fact, Williams Industries is targeting renewable energy as a key growth sector for Barbados and across the Caribbean. Williams points out, “We aim to provide energy-conservation solutions at affordable prices. With low-cost energy-management solutions, Barbados can compete on an international scale.”
Williams Industries is looking for partners in the US to help it reach its goal of bringing affordable energy-efficient solutions from Barbados to markets worldwide.

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