Ilidza Hotels

Hotel Group Offers the Right Choice for Every Kind of Traveler

Hoteli-Ilidza-LogoHotels Ilidza offers a full range of facilities and services for visitors to Sarajevo. The group operates four hotels in Sarajevo’s Ilidza district to ensure that business and leisure travelers as well as health tourists will find what they are looking for.

The group’s hotels are Terme Ilidza, with 220 rooms; Herzegovina Deluxe, with 24 rooms; Crystal Deluxe, with 28 rooms; and Hungary hotel, all located in the same area. Muamer Budnjo, General Manager and owner, explains, “Our most famous hotel is Terme Ilidza, which is a spa and health-tourism hotel featuring naturally heated mineral springs as well as treatments using mineral-rich mud and peat. We plan to position Terme Ilidza as mainly a rehabilitation center and to orient our other hotels toward business and leisure travelers.”

Guests can benefit from complete spa and health services

All guests at any of the company’s hotels can benefit from spa services at Terme Ilidza as well as the hotel’s swimming pool and spa. The Ilidza group offers complete packages that cover accommodations, full board, various types of treatments and therapies, laboratory tests and free airport shuttle service.

Mr. Budnjo says that he anticipates strong growth in visitor numbers at all his hotels as Bosnia’s tourism sector develops. He points out, “People around the world need to know about all the tourism attractions here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They also need to know that the country is safe, with very friendly people, and Sarajevo offers much to see and do.”

Ilidza Hotels welcomes international partnerships and visitors. Mr. Budnjo says, “We are a big and serious company and a reliable partner. Come to Bosnia to see how beautiful a country it is, and at Ilidza Hotels, we will make sure that you have a pleasant stay in our hotels and in Sarajevo.”

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