International Beverages Trading Company Ltd.

International Beverages Trading Company Ltd.

Higher Standards & Better People Building Better Brands

Undergoing a process of democratic and market reforms, Myanmar is proving increasingly attractive to international investors and business groups. For those looking to invest in Myanmar, joining in partnership with a market-proven local company is the key to success.

Founded in 1997, The International Beverages Trading Company Ltd. (IBTC) has gone on to establish a diversified mix of businesses – from retail market distribution through to manufacturing. “Our core business is our distillery, which produces a variety of high-quality liquors and alcoholic beverages,” says Group Chairman and founder of the company, U Aung Moe Kyaw.  Today, the company holds the title of market leader in Myanmar and has received promising awards for its quality, such as the Best Brand Award in the ASEAN Region for their Premium Whiskey brand.

The quality, as well as quantity, of consumer goods available in Myanmar is on the rise. As IBTC invests more in Myanmar they see a growing number of international brands in stores, and international business groups active across Myanmar’s growing market economy. Greater investment and a larger number of businesses results into greater competition. IBTC wants to let Myanmar grow in a proper and sustainable way. U Aung Moe Kyaw explains: “together with local and international players we can achieve this. We believe that Myanmar society will benefit as a result of welcoming international brands. In addition, we are keen to take our company to the next level, reaching out beyond Myanmar’s borders to export “Made in Myanmar” products to markets regionally and around the world.” 

Investing in Myanmar today and for the future

U Aung Myo Kyaw continues: “To do so, we’re putting greater amounts of capital to work by investing in automation and facilities and joining with international investors.” IBTC has entered into a partnership with U.S.-based Alliance 1 and also with worldwide known brand Heineken.

Furthermore, IBTC is venturing in other sectors as well. “For the automotive market we are working through distributorships with Mercedes and Mazda and partnership with Jardine Cycle and Carriage Limited It’s a market we believe holds great promise,” says U Aung Myo Kyaw.

At IBTC, they pride themselves on being good corporate citizens. IBTC goes under the motto that better standards and better people build better brands, and better brands help build a better way of life. U Aung Myo Kyaw says: “We are keen to work with international company of the same mind and spirit, open-minded business partners with the technology, know-how and international standards that can help our company and Myanmar in reaching higher levels and help us promote the “Made in Myanmar” brand internationally.” IBTC is the local partner of choice for companies coming into Myanmar because they have the local knowledge and know how to work on an international level. “We offer the 1+1 = 3 partnership and I want to show to the international community not only who IBTC is, but who Myanmar is and what it has to offer,” U Aung Myo Kyaw adds.

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