Hull Support Services

World-Class Support for Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

HSSL-revised-Logo--final--11-12Hull Support Services, under new management since 2001, has grown rapidly from a small operation into a full-fledged supplier of support services for the offshore oil and gas industry. The company’s specialty is offshore diving and services requiring remote-operated vehicles. Defining Hull’s competitive edge, CEO Ricardo Mosca says, “With what we have achieved and the hard work that we have done in the short length of time we have done it, I am sure we can outshine all our competitors. This is not only because of our track record and our high-standard equipment, which is from the UK’s UMC International, but because of our certification.”

The company is known for maintaining international standards in all its operations. Hull is also a member of the International Marine Contractors Association and the Association of Diving Contractors and has achieved an impressive record of zero lost time due to accidents. Building on its stellar reputation, it has established partnerships with many international companies, including the UK’s BB Offshore, which uses Hull’s well trained divers for its operations in Trinidad.

Hull is currently looking for around USD 25 million in financing for a new ship and equipment to handle major oil spills, which Ricardo Mosca describes as a “ticking time bomb” for the Caribbean. He urges US investors to take a close look at Trinidad and Tobago. He points out, “Our waters are shallower and our conditions are a bit better [than in other countries in the region]. We also have the infrastructure, the pipelines, the refineries and the discharge locations.”As for Hull Support Services, he says, “We are open to foreign investors who want to grow along with us.”

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