Huaychulo Hotel

Value-Added Lima Hotel Offers Warm Welcome


20140609_155112Family-owned Huaychulo Hotel located in the Miraflores district of Lima which is an upscale area with trendy shops, beaches, gardens and fine dining establishments in close proximity to San Isidro the financial capital of Peru. The hotel offers a warm welcome and added value for travelers staying for a night to a year or more. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, Internet connections, a private bathroom, a telephone, a minibar and a safe. The hotel’s additional amenities include breakfast (a special one for guests staying a week or more), a restaurant, room service, laundry service, parking, and special travel services to fit each guest’s needs.

20140609_153502General Manager Pedro Grahammer, a member of the family which owns the hotel, says, “My family had another property that they sold to build this one, and we implemented the highest international standards from the beginning. We serve individual travelers and members of groups from all over the world. Our hotel offers a cozy, comfortable environment and we provide personalized services to make every guest feel at home.”

logo jpgPedro Grahammer adds that he is open to working with investors to open new hotels in other locations in Peru, such as Arequipa, Cuzco and the rain forest. He explains, “Our guests could see all of Peru’s different facets and feel at home in all our hotels. Meanwhile we welcome visitors to Huaychulo Hotel in Lima.”

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