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The curving streets of Yangon are, for most hours of the day, covered in traffic as men and women in vibrant longyis dart between endless taxis vying for the best lane. Getting to and from anywhere can get drawn out, but getting to and from the airport has wreaked havoc on the schedules of even the most seasoned travelers and brought on unnecessary headaches in the middle of happy vacations.

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As General Manager, U Myo Myint, told US-Television, “Location might not be everything, but sure is a whole lot.” Situated just five minutes from Yangon International Airport, Hotel Yangon offers guests the ease of knowing that their flight is just down the road while simultaneously assuring all of the necessities one might expect in a luxury hotel – a fully equipped gym, two premier restaurants, an amusement floor which is currently under construction among many other amenities.


During a tour of the hotel, US-Television was able to sit down with the management staff on the rooftop of Hotel Yangon where the Sky View Chinese Restaurant resides. “Here,” the staff remarked, “is our favorite place in the hotel.” A guest can enjoy 360 degrees views of Yangon, marked with it’s lush, exotic greens as well as those curving, sprawling streets. Another eatery, Café Yangon International Restaurant sits on the ground floor and while it doesn’t compete with the vistas of its sister restaurant 12-floors above it does in its menu of traditional Myanmar, Thai and Western dishes.

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The Hotel Yangon boasts 136 rooms (find out more about their suites here – as well as 16 fully furnished apartments for guests who are looking for a long-term stay. U Myo Myint went on to say that “When travelers come through our doors, they are no longer just guests. They are part of a family committed to making them feel at home.” With arguably the best location of any hotel in Yangon and a dedication to bringing the hospitality of Myanmar to every part of your stay, the Hotel Yangon easily makes the shortlist for any visitor embarking to the ‘Golden Land.’

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