Guyana – full report

In the northeastern corner of South America lies a pristine rainforest paradise that offers an unforgettable and unsurpassed experience.

A land of breathtaking beauty and a vibrant Afro-Caribbean culture.

And the continent’s best-kept business secret.

Guyana is a nation on the move, and the next few years are crucial in the implementation of the country’s competitiveness strategy.

What makes Guyana an excellent place for foreign investment?

Can tourism as an industry move the nation forward?

And most importantly, what can this nation of 770,000 people bring to the world?

Come join US Television as we explore: Guyana’s Potential.

Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America, is located on the North Atlantic coast of the continent between Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil. Ninety percent of the population lives on the narrow coastal plain, while the largely untapped interior features rainforests and savannahs.

Although geographically a part of South America, Guyana is more culturally and politically tied to the Caribbean. The capital city of Georgetown is an excellent example of British and Dutch heritage in the region, and is a melting pot of the joyful locals, themselves a curious mix of East Indian and African descendants, peppered with indigenous Amerindians, Europeans and Chinese.

Guyana is the seat of the Caribbean Community and Common Market, or CARICOM. The United States is Guyana’s number one source for imports and number two destination for exports, and commerce between the two countries has been healthy. Having a free market economy since the government instituted an Economic Recovery Programme in 1989, Guyana today enjoys strong macroeconomic stability and a promise of return on foreign investments.

Guyana is an emerging economy with enormous untapped potential. Supported by stable macro-economic policies, attractive investment incentives and a regulatority environment and corporate tax regime that do not discriminate against foreign investors. Guyana also provides investor’s favorable conditions to do business.

No trip to Guyana would be complete without sampling its most famous export: rum. Guyana has a 300-year old rum tradition that has produced some of the best rum in the world.

The Guyanese rum industry has recently made a remarkable advance towards maintaining its competitiveness in the important markets of the European Union and the United States.

Guyana truly is the final frontier, a land of raw, unaltered, and pristine nature. A lack of interior development has allowed the country’s geography to support a variety of ecosystems. From the Guyana Shield to the Amazon Basin, it is the jungle at its most pure. Wherever you go, Guyana promises to make the trip of a lifetime.

Macro economic stability. A government open to foreign business. A proud and peaceful population. And an abundance of natural resources. Guyana’s potential is massive.

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