GDF Suez

International Energy Company Continues to Invest in Panama

GDF Suez, a global energy company, is dedicated to meeting the energy needs of tomorrow, ensuring energy security, combating climate change and optimizing resources. GDF Suez has developed industry-leading competence in four key sectors: liquefied natural gas, energy-efficiency services, independent power production, and environmental services. GDF Suez Energy Central America began operating in Panama in 2007 and now controls and operates 485 MW of installed capacity there, making the company Panama’s second-largest independent power producer.

GDF SUEZ Energy Central America (GSECA) holds a 51% interest in Bahia Las Minas, Panama’s largest thermal complex. GSECA also controls and operates the Cativá thermal plant located in Colon province and the Dos Mares hydropower complex in Chiriqui province.

GDF SUEZ Energy Central America CEO Philippe Delmotte explains, “Our Dos Mares project already has a 100 MW contract for the period 2013 to 2022.”

Supporting local communities

Widely recognized as an example of innovation, world-class safety standards, efficiency and environmental protection in Panama’s energy sector, GDF Suez Energy Central America is also committed to supporting local communities. The company among other equipped a health center near the Gualaca hydropower plant to serve local residents and has installed new water systems for four communities to ensure reliable supplies of clean drinking water. The company has also given energy to communities in Chiriquí connecting Los Zambranos to the national system and installing solar panels in two public schools near the Comarca. GDF Suez Energy Central America has made a long-term commitment to support Panama energy growth. Philippe Delmotte says, “We plan to continue to develop and promote Panama’s energy sector growth, particularly through a diversified energy mix, and we aim to continue to work closely with the government in energy projects and to serve as an ambassador for Panama in international markets. We have made major investments here in Panama and look forward to keep contributing to the country´s remarkable growth.”

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