Galanz Bottlers – Mr. Tursengali Alaguzov


 Galanz Bottlers – Mr. Tursengali Alaguzov

Since being established in Almaty in 1998, the company grew from only 3 employees to approximately 2000 in 2015 and becoming one of the largest producers of soft drinks in Kazakhstan.

Although the first product released to the market by Galanz was bottled water, the company now produces a variety of non-alcoholic drinks including ice tea, energy drinks, carbonates, juices, juice drinks, and fruit-milk.  From 2005 to 2007, “MAXI Tea” was an undisputed leader in the category of ice tea, regularly receiving awards for “Best product on the Kazakhstan Market” at the International Week of Food Production and Industry. The energy drink “Torpeda” was launched in 2010 and after only one year on the Kazakhstan market the trademark brought Galanz Bottlers to be in the top 2 largest producers of energy drinks in the country.

In 2012, a licensing agreement for production of Nestea was signed with Galanz Bottlers and since then, ice tea production was carried out at their facilities. Mr. Alaguzov, CEO of Galanz, points out “we are always looking to partner up with more international brands and expanding our products.”

Mr. Tursengali AlaguzovIn order to increase the attractiveness of the FMCG sector in Kazakhstan to potential investors, Mr. Alaguzov states that there is much work that needs to be done in the country, explaining that there are 2 important points. First, the qualification of employees in Kazakhstan needs to be improved. “A company’s power depends highly on the quality of staff”. Galanz is represented by a team of educated professionals that are innovating in their approach to solving problems. Thorough it’s history, the company aimed to be the best in terms of not only products but also quality of service. The second point mentioned is in regards to technical equipment provided by foreign companies. “Improvement in these 2 main areas can change the overall investment climate in Kazakhstan.”

Aside from Soft Drinks, Galanz is active across a variety of industries. “In the beauty industry, we conduct operations for women and already have established American partnerships with both European and American companies in the tourism sector. We strive for continuous improvement not only for Galanz but also for Kazakhstan’s trade and industry sector as a whole” concludes Mr. Alaguzov.

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