Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Baku Beckons

202268e2-5280-4145-8178-3feee3884569Curling into the sky on a hill overlooking the Caspian Sea and Baku’s UNESCO World Heritage listed walled Old City; the Flame Towers are an apt representation of Azerbaijan’s ongoing transformation. Sleek, modern and daring, the Flame Towers are architectural marvels that epitomize both the Land of Fire’s rich heritage and its soaring ambition.

The Fairmont Hotel, one of a number of internationally recognized hotel brands who have found a home in Baku, occupies one of the towers. “The complex symbolizes the future for this ancient country and reflects the country’s re-emergence onto the global scene,” the Fairmont’s new General Manager Leprou explains. “Fairmont Baku offers its guests a very exclusive architecture and elegant interior design with exclusive furniture and museum quality pieces of arts.”

Much like the cosmopolitan city the hotel overlooks, the Fairmont and the guests it attracts are chic and stylish. From the twenty-foot glass chandelier cascading into the main lobby, to the subdued ambiance of the 3500 square meter ESPA spa, the Fairmont is imbued with a feeling of luxury.

Following the success of the Eurovision song contest of 2012, Baku is gearing up for a number of international events in the coming years that will thrust the city into the global spotlight. Azerbaijan will be hosting the European Olympic Games 2015 followed by the Formula 1 Race in 2016, events the country has been able to attract thanks to the presence of hotels like the Fairmont. “Hotels with international experience provide the high level facilities and services for guests attending these events,” Leprou points out.

The organization recognizes its crucial role in helping to market the country as a tourist destination, and has hosted journalists from all over the world in an effort to highlight Azerbaijan’s rich architectural heritage and vast cultural appeal. “Last year we had four international press trips for the journalists from UK, Italy, France and Germany. During their stay the hotel organized various city tours for them so they can familiarize themselves with the rich history of the country and overlook the modern transformation of the Baku city.”

Leprou, who took the helm of Fairmont Baku in July 2014, is, like many first time visitors to Baku, charmed by the city and eager to have a ringside seat to the country’s metamorphosis. “My first impression was excellent and far beyond my expectations. I found Azerbaijan extremely welcoming and hospitable, and Baku very energetic and dynamic,” he says. “I am looking forward for the future development and international exposure of this amazing destination.”


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