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Heading ‘Down The Islands’ With Dolphins Adventures

Yuh MammyThe twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago each have their own distinctive flavor. Trinidad, home to the country’s capital city, Port of Spain, has a cosmopolitan flavor and a capitalist buzz, while Tobago is a quintessential tropical island paradise. Although Trinidad isn’t as quickly identified as a tourism destination, the island offers visitors a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The northwestern peninsula of the island, just north of the capital city, is home to a sprinkling of islands, the closest of which is a mere seven kilometers from Venezuela and the South American landmass. For visitors to Trinidad keen to have that authentic Trini experience known as ‘going down the islands,’ Dolphin Adventures offers tours that eliminate the hassle of planning and allow guests to kick back and relax.

Boca Cin Entrada, Huevos Island

Specializing in serving corporate clients, Dolphin Adventures owner and captain, Neville Boos, and partner, Nella Surujbally, give visiting expatriates and locals not only a day of fun in the sun, but insight into the area’s rich and unique history. The island of Chacachacare, which has been home to US Marines, nuns and a colony of lepers at various points, now sits abandoned. The Chacachacare lighthouse, which, perched atop a hill 273 meters above sea level, is one of the highest lighthouses in the world, offers unrivaled views of the area. An inland salt pond, with a salt content comparable to the Dead Sea, is a little known jewel and offers tremendous therapeutic benefits from swimming in its waters.

Dolphins Following usDolphin Adventures offers truly personalized tours, designed to suit the desires and preferences of its guests. Nature buffs will love Gasparee Caves, and the young and old alike will delight in the sight of dolphins racing alongside the 28’ Bowen speedboat known affectionately as ‘Yuh Mammy.’ For those just looking for a true Trini style ‘lime,’ Scotland Bay will be full of pleasure boats at anchor by late afternoon, with soca music blaring and rum punch flowing freely.

Boos and Surujbally love running their charter service, but are also committed to giving back to their country in the process. Recently, the couple rounded up a group of friends for a beach clean up, removing 120 trash bags full of rubbish from the shores of Chacachacare Island. “Its everyone’s responsibility to preserve what this country has to offer for future generations,” Boos explains. “We were happy to do our part.”

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