Daleel Petroleum

Daleel Petroleum LLC: Ambassadors of Omanization and Development

Daleel Petroleum is a proven player in Oman’s growing oil and exploration industry. A 50-50 joint venture between Mezoon Petrogas SAOC and Mezoon Petrogas BVI, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corp., Daleel has been producing oil in Oman for ten years.

During this period, it boosted production on its allocated block from 4,500 barrels per day under previous ownership to more than 40,000. “I think the message here is you can walk away on an asset, thinking it is finished and actually it never is,” CEO Gong Changli and COO Moza Saleh Al-Adawy stated.

Though it still has reserves of ‘easy oil’, the challenge for the company going forward is to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. By doing so, the management sees the potential to boost production from an additional 22% to 45%.

“At the moment we are producing with conventional methods but in the future we would need to use EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) techniques to extract oil and we will do that only if it is economically viable. To increase production, we need cutting edge technology. Our past gives us a lot of encouragement.”

Daleel enjoys a close working relationship with Oman’s Ministry of Oil & Gas, to the extent that its joint management committee is chaired by a Government representative. Other committee members include representatives from the Oil Ministry.

“They are our connection to other Ministries,” Al-Adawy elaborated. “They have to be happy with the programs that we put together. It has to be a win-win situation for everyone.”

“We put a lot of effort on training Omanis. Omanization level in our company is 86%,” he continued. “We started with 23 Omanis ten years ago and now we have 249 Omanis working for us. That is an investment on its own and another way of giving back to the community.”


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