Cyprus – Island of Opportunities

Island of opportunities.

Cyprus, international crossroads for 8,000 years and now the Mediterranean region’s best choice for business and tourism. A strategic location bridging three continents. Fabulous beaches. Historic landmarks. A well educated, friendly, English-speaking population. An open economy buttressed by a strong regulatory environment. Investment incentives and low taxes. Great infrastructure. And to top it off, Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004.
No wonder Cyprus has become a top trade, tourism, and financial-services hub.

Services now make up almost 80 percent of Cyprus’s GDP, and the island’s financial-services sector has been the target of investment from all over the world. In fact, FDI in Cyprus in 2009 totaled 6 billion U.S. dollars, and over half of it was in financial services.
Cyprus offers unique advantages through its winning combination of EU membership and a 10 percent corporate tax rate.
Cyprus has been a successful member of the Euro zone since January 2008. This means the island enjoys price stability, lower interest rates, lower currency-conversion costs and exchange-rate risks, and increased competition through greater price transparency.
In spite of the global crisis and the government’s struggles with public debt, Cyprus’s banking sector continues to perform well thanks to conservative banking practices and a prudent Central Bank.
The vision that Cyprus survived the crisis pretty well is confirmed by other important players in the banking sector.
Cyprus’s solid financial-services sector is a major draw for international investors and will continue to underpin the national economy this year and beyond.

Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean region’s most appealing tourism destinations thanks to its stunning beaches, year-round sunshine, wealth of cultural and natural attractions and welcoming population.
Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cyprus is guaranteed to charm its visitors.
For cultural tourism, Cyprus has few competitors. Set at the hub of ancient international trade routes, the island has preserved many remnants of its rich history.

Getting to Cyprus from the United States is easy through key airline hubs like London or Amsterdam with national carrier Cyprus Airways.
Cyprus: everything a traveler is looking for in a Mediterranean island getaway – and much more.
Limassol, the “Pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean”.
Set between mountains and the sea on Cyprus’s southern coast, Limassol is not only a thriving tourism destination but also a dynamic business center.
Limassol is Cyprus’s second-biggest city and busiest port. It is known for its international atmosphere — around 30 percent of its residents are foreign.
To promote the unlimited investment possibilities, business people in the private sector launched the Limassol Branding project. It gets the full support of the municipal bodies and the tourism organizations of Limassol.

Limassol, gateway to Cyprus, is building the foundations for an even more prosperous future.
Cyprus: a dynamic business and tourism hub at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Cyprus is safe, beautiful, English-speaking and business-friendly. It’s time for American travelers and investors to find out more about the Cyprus difference.

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